Inland Valley News is a collective of minds working together to explore the complexities of life within minority communities. Our goal is to educate, equip and empower our communities to thrive!


Inland Valley News

News from the heart of the Inland Valley since 1992

The Inland Valley News, Inc. (IVN) is a weekly newspaper dedicated to reporting the positive aspects of African-American life and culture. They have a growing, weekly readership of over 65,000. With a coverage area that consist of portions of 15 cities, bordered by the 60, 210, 57 and 15 freeways, between the eastern section of Los Angeles County and the western San Bernardino County. It is the only African-American-owned and operated, legally adjudicated newspaper in the Inland Valley. 

Founded in January 1992, by Mr. Tommy Morrow, who after noticing that daily, mainstream newspapers rarely address the concerns and lifestyles of the African-Americans community, and when they were, they were rarely portrayed positive light. After numerous times noticing that African-Americans were prominently featured on the crime pages, he was moved to action.

"I knew at that moment something had to be done, and that I would just have to do it," said Morrow. "And because very little was published on African-Americans in the Inland Valley, I elected to start an African-American-focused publication that would address the needs and concerns of people that look like me. Thus, the Inland Valley News was born."

Now in its 23rd year, the Inland Valley News has grown, developed, persisted, preserved and has been devoted to the readers, advertisers and supporters and has won numerous awards, accolades, certificates, honors. The Inland Valley News has been acknowledged by local, state and national entities for the work they have done and the positive influence that they have been to the community. 

Inland Valley News continues to provide the latest news, locally, nationally and globally. They have kept communities they aware of not only great successes uplifting news happening right around them. They have adhered to their duty to report the unpleasant stories of crisis and destruction that calls our entire communities to positive action and new ideas. 

IVN also updated the look of the newspaper, and have enhanced advertiser's reach through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media. But, the quality content that IVN's readers have come to rely on remains the same.

Each week IVN celebrates ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things for their community, highlighting many of the news stories that are often overlooked in mainstream media. Like our readers, they are concerned about the economy, health, social issues, and hot topics, as well. Reporting often on the current trends in America. As the political landscape has changed, they have reported information, both nationally and locally that keep readers informed of news and information that is about them and for them, the reader.

Inland Valley News is also proud to have expanded their publication company, Shining Glory Publications with the acquisition of the Urban Business Journal, The Charter News and the Rialto Renaissance. The Charter News is devoted to the Charter School Community.  

IVN continues to support the community with a variety of events and activities such as the Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala, now in its 21st year and the African Village Weekend Cultural Faire.

"We are extremely thankful that our readers, advertisers and supporters that continue to believe in the power of the press and support Inland Valley News," said Tommy Morrow. "According to Nielsen, the African-American consumer is conscious; aware of whom their economic power has direct impact on the marketplace as a whole. African-American purchasing behaviors are indeed different from the Total Market population and because of this, companies seeking to establish meaning connections with this important consumer group can further enhance a brand’s ability to grow by understanding this unique demographic."

In 2013, Tommy Morrow's youngest daughter Ta Lese Morrow stepped up to serve as IVN's new Co-Publisher. "I am extremely grateful to our continued readers, advertisers and supporters of the Inland Valley News,” said Co-Publisher, Ta Lese Morrow. “We exist for the community and presenting the African-American culture and people in a positive, productive and influential light."

"I am committed to advancing the work my father began and launch it into the next generation. Our goal is to tell the stories that matter and to provide content that educates, equips and empowers minority communities to overcome and achieve the dreams of their forefathers. I am Ta Lese Morrow and I approve this message".