Urban Philanthropy Recognizes La Shawn Tillman as First Urban Angel Honoree

Urban Philanthropy Network, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated championing civic engagement in urban communities recognized Rialto resident, La Shawn Tillman as the first recipient in a series Urban Angel Honors.

The purpose of the honors is to recognized outstanding urban professionals who are making a positive difference in the communities in which they live, work and do business.

La Shawn Tillman is a Training Specialist with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where she is responsible for coordinating courses and curricula for the more than six thousand Professional Staff in the Sheriff’s department.

Ms. Tillman is also an instructor/facilitator for the Cultural Diversity, Workplace Harassment Prevention, and Conflict Resolution courses for her department. She coordinates trainings mandated by the State of California and the Department of Justice.

Ms. Tillman has developed and implemented professional career development seminars such as, Mock Interviewing, as well as creator of the Mock “Video” interview training; which addresses the new testing component added to promotional exams within the County of L.A. She also created & developed the Sheriff’s Talent Development Workshop, in addition to creating the Sheriff’s “Straight Talk”, which can be compared to the famous Ted Talks.

La Shawn was selected as the Best-Known Source to record two videos for the Sheriff’s department on, appropriate Business Attire and Telephone Etiquette, best practices.

Ms. Tillman is a highly sought-after Subject Matter Expert in the fields of Leadership development and Workforce development. She is frequently called upon to speak to various groups in the Sheriff’s Department as well as other County agencies.

Ms. Tillman had the honor of being the only Civilian to sit on the Executive Board for the Black Peace Officers Association, in several capacities. Similarly, La   held   the office of, Educational & Training Chairperson for the Sheriff’s Department Civilian Advisory Committee.

La Shawn is currently a liaison to the Los Angeles County DHR, Workforce Education Development – Talent Management Division, and was recently appointed as a Military Liaison Officer, in her department; in addition to being a proud and active Steward for SEIU Local 721.

Ms. Tillman has a passion for giving back, which is why she has dedicated more than 18 years volunteering for the Sheriff’s Boxing Team; who partners with the City of Hope to raise much needed money for Cancer research and treatment, study of diabetes and Aids awareness; She has organized community Blood drives, food and clothing give-a-ways and, also answered the call to assist the Sheriff’s team in feeding the hungry at the L.A. Mission, earlier this year.

Because of her “Let’s make it happen” approach, she has been recognized, honored, and commended for her leadership and spirit of giving.

“Urban Philanthropy is pleased to recognize La Shawn Tillman for her tireless service to our community as a whole,” said Kim Anthony. “Her selfless commitment to making life better for others is nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

For more information about Urban Philanthropy and Urban Angel Honors visit https://www.UrbanPhilanthropy.org/Urban-Angels.

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