Declutter with the Clutter Free Decision Making Keys

Declutter with the Clutter Free Decision Making Keys

Author: Jane Alais

Accumulating clutter sometimes seems to happen all of a sudden but the truth is for most people this is a pattern that has been happening for years. Shifting from a clutter accumulating pattern to a reducing clutter pattern starts with your thinking. This may require taking a few minutes to decide on new standards for what you will keep and what you want to let go. Clutter is always about delaying decisions and taking the time to write down new clutter free standards gets you making decisions again. 

A quick way to jump start this as you declutter your home is to use the Clutter Free Decision Making Keys so you can move from indecision to decision again. These keys let you instantly set a clutter free boundary replacing your excuses with reasons to keep or let go. Using these keys will make your decluttering challenges simple and quick and let you quickly identify what isn't working for you in your life. 

You can declutter quickly using all five keys at once or work your way through your home using one key at a time. Clutter is often a way to keep stuck and set roadblocks so you may find that on certain occasions you may have to use all five keys to get your redundant stuff out of your home. Here are the five BeFree Clutter Free Decision Making Keys that can move mountains of clutter from your home. 

Clutter Free Key One: Do you love it: This is a simple yet powerful key. It is possible to live with what you love. A home that is filled with what you love is a home with heart. It is also the start of discovering your sense of style and design. Ask yourself if you love the color, shape, design, texture or style of the item that you are decluttering. If it doesn't meet this standard what does. Living with what you love shifts your focus in life so you become aware of you prefer and really love in life. Use this key with everything you own. 

Clutter Free Key Two: Do you use it: Many clutterholics have more things stored than what they actually use. If you are not using it why are you storing it? When will you use it? When are you going to need it? if you can't answer these questions it's time to let the stored stuff go. Just asking these questions about possessions you haven't seen for a while can make the shift to the clutter free mind set. 

Clutter Free Key Three: Is this item uplifting? Possessions that make you feel happy to look at, use or wear all add to creating a happy feeling home. Items that create bad memories, unwanted gifts or possessions that create work can drain your energy. Start to tune in how you feel as well as what you see. 

Clutter Free Key Four: Set limits on every item you own: This Key is about creating quality instead of quantity, so you keep and use the best and get rid of the rest. Is there anything you know you have too much of? Setting limits on clothing, home wares, knick knacks, books, magazines lets you think before you buy and identify what you really love. Once you set clear limits on how many you need try the one in one out rule. Every time you buy something new, you let go of a similar item. 

Clutter Free Key Five: Develop an attitude of letting go: Becoming clutter free means letting go of what you don't need on a regular basis. As you reconnect to what you love and the life you want to create letting go becomes easier. . 

Getting rid of clutter is a lot easier when you use the Be Free Clutter Free Decision Making Keys every time you declutter. Tuning into the changes and needs of your life now rather than hanging on to what you have outgrown creates a home free of clutter lets you shift into decision making again and feel good about what you own


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