Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Los Angeles, CA --Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.


The first 5 years of life, your kids should know how to read and sing.  That’s big. The movie we need is BlacKkKlansman… That’s true.


Nancy Pelosi is going to rule congress like an NFL Quarterback. And that’s should be a big deal.


Floods are tragedies that are mean to families and their friends. Medicine can kill your cold in a minute, if it is the right kind.


Power to the people Angela Davis used to say.  Freedom isn’t free. You have to work very hard to make it work.


Kevin Hart, his first love is deceased, and she is in my past.  And she was my first love in another life and past. Hart says that’s all I’m going to say for now.  On I Dream. I dream about a future of the coming home that could be a great time.


UCLA’s future is in the days and months. Come on Bruins, it’s time to bounce back to the good old John Wooden days when winning days came up like they grew on trees,


The No, 4 football Chargers will play Baltimore on Nov. 4 Sunday. Are the Chargers playing on the road?


For UCLA it won’t be such an easy task. However, it will not be as easy as before. For the record UCLA will not be as noisy as before.  UCLA began back a big runner. The Bruins beat Sanford 92-70.  UCLA has hired Murry Bartow as its new basketball coach.


Along came Notre Dame to roll over Cincinnati. Several teams don’t expect be there.   A number could be just the same.


Now Hear This.  It has been said. Lovee is…. Sometimes loving the wrong person for all the right reasons….


President Donald Trump said how lonely he was during the Holiday period because of his lonely holiday period. His lies were flying just as high as untruths.  NFL punters couldn’t kick the ball as high as his lies. And that’s no little white lie.


Our new Governor-elect Gavin Newsom will shell out 1.8 billion like Trump on education. Trump and Republican Matt Romney are in a dog-fight. And Trump’s aids have nothing good to say about their boss. And that’s no sports joke.


It’s not a sports movie says his film director Steve McQueen as it is a shared activity. McQueen Added; Beau Travail by Claire Denis. You couldn’t call it that. –One is as upscale. I don’t have that direction. I have good grooming. One is a no sense I don’t have that distraction.


Bad remarks I have good moments and bad movies and good ones I have that distinction and have good movies and bad ones…  That’s it.’’   


Former USC assistant head coach Tony Bland has been tagged for federal charges for accepting money from wrong doers.


And USC has brought in the NFL Kingsbury to help Coach Clay Horton fix his staff, there will be a lot of shopping days at USC this week.


Actor Black Panther Chadwick is showing up again after playing Jackie Robinson in the Jackie Robinson Story of the year.


Some of the finest Black QBs in both the college and NFL stars including Dallas’ Dak Prescott, the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson et al. Dabo Swinney.  


The Lakers have lost four straight in last five games.  That’s more than enough.  The Phoenix Suns’ helped out of the hands of Ayton’s and wins early.


121-111. The Clippers final show up.     


Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban and Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney play for a fourth consecutive year.


Desahaun Watson led Houston to a division title in his second year. How good is Watson?  He’s as good as he wants to be.

For the record 16 of the 100. Stacy says for the first in 12-years, that marks over the hiring of Black Directors. But as smith is often quick to be an enormous work to remains to be helping to be done, calling hard data is just first step in helping the entertainment industry reverse a history of deeply in helmed up in the music center at the Annenberg Headquarters of USC music center.


When Pigs fly.  The Chargers and the Rams they both will fly Super Bowl rings.  If you believe that everybody will be given rings too. 


Anheuser-Busch provides assists for Black College, Asian students and their families and by helping their communities. This help is really needed.


Seattle Seahawks was edged by the Dallas Cowboys 24-22 to Russell Wilson and company when he was fired up off the bench. Alabama’s QB Tua Tagovailoa was  the starting QB when  he started vs. Oklahoma.   Dallas QB is fired up as Dallas picks up its first postseason victory in four years. The Houston Rockets James Harden is the most valuable player on the team.  And that’s the truth. The Chargers remain confident, for most Chargers. They have a lack of playoff experience on the roster. Lance Stevenson is looking for leaders, Stevenson steps up.


OK that’s way it should be. Who is the QB at North Dakota Easton Stick. this winning FC’S quarterback ran for three TDs and threw for two.


Here are the facts. The Dodgers need to get on the ball and sign Garry Harper. Sign Harper immediately.  The time is ripe. The Dodgers shouldn’t restrict Manager Rick Roberts. Roberts needs, another chance at No. 4.                         

The pair had hoped to match these marks. Melvin Ingram chases a fumble by the Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, who recovered it in the Chargers’ 23-17 wild-card win.


Old Newspaper Newsman is known to take on any one like the Chargers, New Orleans Saints New England Patriots and Kansas Chiefs.


The LASUD will do what it can to stop the close of the school boards.


The Clippers were no big shooters, but the locals rolled back in a big way.  With 28 points in a 106-96 win.


Here is a look at some future games. Dallas at Rams and Indianapolis at Kansas City.


Alabama vs. Clemson was held Monday at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara. Clemson’s defensive end Clelin Ferrell says; they just whipped us up front.


The Chicago Bears didn’t have a finishing kick when the Eagles’ potential winning field goal. The ball bounced off the field goal post.


Now Hear This.  The Chargers deployed seven defensive backs and kit pays off big time.


Believe it or not the Dallas Cowboys at home. Coach Sean McVay says There were a bunch of guys that texted, Let’s get this rolling.’’    


Sandra Oh Co Hosted the 76th Golden Gloves Ceremony at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday and won for actress as in a TV series for the Drama ‘’Killing Eve. Actor Mahershala Ali won for the movie  “The Green Book.’’ Regina King won supporting actress for If Beale Street Could Talk.


“I don’t care if we play in North Korea,” wrote a fan who supports Alabama, “I don’t care if we play in North Korea I don’t care if we play in North Carolina I’m going to the game and I am thrilled. Yes, I may see homeless and see Nancy Pelosi, and I don’t care.”


The football cultural gap is too large to worry about.


Michigan’s record is 15-0 after remaining among after beating others to remain smiling. Who is the two best teams? That’s the kind of the way it is. If that’s not the way it is why we didn’t leave it the way it was.


The wild card winning QBs for the playoffs are Luck of the Indianapolis Colts and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.


Thanks that’s the end.

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond