Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Los Angeles, CA -- Notes, quotes and things picked up on the run from coast-to-coast and all the stops in between and beyond.


Is this good?  I don’t think so!


Here is where America is made. It’s in our schools.  You bet it is.


President Trump visits the Border. It takes more than a visit.  It takes a whole lot of those pretty little green ones too.


The Showdown is for real right now and that’s no sports story… Get down justice.


Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed one oral argument. This isn’t about athletics either. It’s about a great lady and hero.


It’s a fact four teams Ravens, Texans, Seahawks and Bears four off season’s lessons.  These four teams provide this weekend.


Check This! Is Jackson stronger than Flacco?


How sick is Coach Sabin Myers’s Alabama Crimson Tide are today after 44-16 upset by QB Lamar Jackson and his Tigers in the game of the year. There is no looking back today. 


President Barack Obama kissed so many babies this week, he needed some helpers, Luke Walton have a ball.


Friends from college an interracial black boy and a white girl and they got off just fine. They got off just like black and white football and other athletes do.


Ozzie Newsome has picked a slew of NFL Honors. Including Hall of Fame honors, General Manger et al.


USA TODAY Sports Columnist Jarrett Bell says Newsome will be remembered as a parting gift from Newsome’s last draft. 


Check This!


Coach Dabo Swinney, who should play him in a movie?


There are some moves are being made at USC by the university’s Athletic director and the Trojans’ Lyn Swann and head football Coach 


USC thinks it has a good assistant Coach in Kliff Kingsbury of after his final game at Texas Tech head coach he headed for the Arizona Cardinals.


L A Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas wants to see a jail house in the desert. Not everyone wants to see one out there.              


Fred McGriff’s chances of making the Hall of Fame are good.  Colts protection will be key for QB Andrew Luck.


The New Orleans’ Saints Keeps continues to improve themselves on the field. This could Anheuser Busch’s biggest buy.


New Orleans Saint’s third year wide receiver Michael Thomas is a two-time Pro Bowler. His Uncle becoming the No 1 pick overall pick in the 1966 draft, He is bigger and faster than anyone on the field.


Anheuser Busch Sogo figures 5,5 in Super Bowl III. AB’s Saints all-pro Thomas keeps improving himself.

That’s a thing to do. And that’s good.


James Harden of Houston is going to be tough to handle.


And the beat continues.


Kyle Kuzma went four for 20 to set a record vs. the Detroit’s Pistons. Kuzman was to hot too hot to stop, He’s going after Houston.  


Shaquille O’Neal is making more money from throws Little Green General commercial.  He has money rolling in like a group of rivers.


Sometimes I have a long memory. It can really become a valuable tool and very helpful. 


The Crimson Tigers roared, and Alabama was rolled.  The Tide may have to look away.  Clemson and the NFL Trevor Lawrence can’t wait for him.  Here are some games are dock for this week are on tab. Alabama vs. Clemson.  QB Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Folies miss him in rookie play.


Serna Williams and the Wiz of Oz at this year’s Australian Open. The event starts on July 3.                                                                      


Age doesn’t worry fighting Manny Pacquiao. Why is this man smiling?


The Raptors are there because they love their new team.


Antwaun Woods played football at Taft High and at USC return to the Coliseum vs. the Rams as a key member of the Dallas Cowboys’ defense. 


If you like walking Grand Park on Jan 18 the 12th annual 5K Run/Walk.


And the beat continues. 


Lessie Brown was believed to be the oldest person at her death at age 116. Some great athletes wished they had lived as long as Mrs. Brown.


Now Hear This.


Just call the Bruins the shooters. UCLA’s Jules Berands and Jalen Hill. Believe it or not, UCLA made up 51 points in the last 9 second shots.


The ‘76ers stun their own mistakes. At Atlanta 123 and Philadelphia 121.  


Coach Luke Walton, the team doctors and LeBron James is expected to miss his next two games.


And the beat continues.


I am doing a lot with a little, and that’s good.  California’s newly elected Gov. Newsom says his budgetary will be prudent and will be used as a Tax break.  We will aim high and we will work like hell to get there. 


A South L.A. lady asks the deadly question of gang violence where you can get the answer?  Where will the camp for peace be located?


Run and Done.  If you want your sports team be the best on the court, you must out work your competition on a daily basics.


Let the travel move on like the Rams did in Saturday night’s 30-22 playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys.


Come on C.J. and Todd Gurley, do it.  Nobody can wait for you to keep it going.


Burry Barlow has the UCLA Bruins to a 3-0 start, the Beavers best in 8.     


How bad is this Cleveland Cavalier team since LeBron James left town?  About as bad as you can be. James had missed nine games at this point. 


Yes, LeBron James is playing for a new team, but is putting up MVP numbers.


How good is Giannis Antetokounmpo?  He is so good at so many things, and he has made Milwaukee a contender in the East.  James Harden has been a man putting up big numbers to carry the Rockets Harden back into the hunt.


The New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles are as hot as firecrackers, 30-24, as they play Big in the Superdome.


The Chargers are going home, and the New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl III.  The Patriots beat up on the Chargers, to move on.


Blake Griffin stopped by Staples Center to drop 44 through the nets for the Detroit Pistons.

The Rams to play the New Orleans Saints in the Playoffs.


The 23rd day has passed, and the Government is showdown.  Until no one know.


It equal to a brand-new car.  It’s like a brand-new running back like the L.A. Rams running back like Todd


Gurley.  It’s a brand-new car just like the New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady’s arm.


The White people at the L.A. Times did a lynching and a hatch job on the L.A. Sentinel this week.


The L.A. Times had a good time in mobbing their brothers of color as if they had stolen their wives, daughters and the other members of their families.


Nobody knows the trouble we see. Nobody knows the trouble but us, nobody knows but Jesus, Maxine Waters and the rest of us.            


This is the end.  It’s only down to two for the Super Bowl.  Actor Rod Lowe says I was there


That’s all of my time. Thanks for your time. This is Brad Pye, Jr.reporting.Have a ball.

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on the Run from Coast-to-Coast and all the Stops in Between and Beyond.

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on the Run from Coast-to-Coast and all the Stops in Between and Beyond.

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond

Notes, Quotes and Things Picked Up on The Run from Coast-To-Coast And All The Stops In Between And Beyond